Odysseus may once have sailed the Mediterranean, but the conflicts, the events and the politics of our time no longer allow us to sail freely in the Mediterranean and wander its shores as we used to. For this reason, we propose to those who want to discover the civilisation of the olive tree, the tree of light and symbol of the Mediterranean, short local routes, hiking, bicycle, car or motorbike

Short hiking & cycling routes

Walking or cycling through the olive groves pleasantly stimulates all the senses: touching the trunk of a century-old olive tree, breathing in the smell of freshly milled olives in an olive mill, gazing at the landscape through the silvery leaves of the olive trees, listening to the breeze blowing through their delicate foliage… It’s a unique experience, discover our suggestions here:

Routes by car or motorbike


If you prefer to explore the world of the olive tree by car or motorbike, here are some suggestions. If you are already in one of these countries/regions, feel free to follow the suggested route! It will take you to places of particular interest that would otherwise go unnoticed…

Points of interest: point-to-point discovery

Here you will find a map of olive-related points of interest in various countries/regions around the Mediterranean. Take a look, select one or more points and start to get to know better this tree that has created a civilisation to which it has given its name.

National and transnational routes by motorbike and minibus

These group trips are designed to encourage cooperation and intercultural dialogue. They are organised according to interests or activities in progress. If you are interested, please contact us: info@olivetreeroute.gr

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