If Homer's Odyssey was done by boat, the political conflicts and legislation of our modern age do not allow us to really sail freely in the Mediterranean waters. That's why we offer terrestrial routes to discover the natural and cultural landscapes of the olive tree and four different ways to become familiar with the tree of light, symbol of the Mediterranean

  • the local hiking routes
  • These paths put you in the specific time space of the walk: local, slow, regular.
    The walk among the olive groves has a multisensory dimension and will bring you a singular experience: touching the bark of a century-old tortured olive tree, breathing deeply into the smell of freshly pressed olives, contemplating the landscape through shimmering silver leaves trees, hear the breeze blow through the fine foliage ... You will be in the here and now, hugged by an emotion that only Mediterranean landscapes can generate.
    Here you will find our suggestions for France, developed in partnership with the Visorando website, here, our suggestions for Italy and here for Greece.
    Here you will find our new suggestions for Croatia and here for Slovenia, selected in the framework of the Routes4U project.
    Other guides will emerge over time.

  • the local bike routes
  • Covering a wider area, these tours will allow you to experience the breath of wind on your face as you cycle through the olive groves.
    Here you will find some proposals around the Mediterranean basin.

  • the driving routes
  • These itineraries allow you to explore several natural and cultural landscapes of olive trees around the Mediterranean basin. Going beyond the regional or national borders, travel these routes corresponds to the core mission of the Cultural Routes ‘Routes of the Olive Tree’: to strengthen the intercultural dialogue and create a link between the olive growing regions. The olive tree is the symbol of the Mediterranean and contributes to its unity. To understand the soul of this tree, you have to go through its territories.

    Here you will find a map, with points of interest related to the olive tree in the countries of the members of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” Network and here some proposals for a route by car or motorcycle.

    Look, adapt to your desires then leave. Go to meet this tree of life, founder of a civilization to which he gave his name. Who knows, perhaps we will cross one of these monuments of eternity...

  • the transnational itineraries
  • We also offer punctually transnational itineraries on motorbikes and minibuses. These group trips are transnational and dedicated to intercultural dialogue and the sustainable development. These trips are are recurring routes that take place at different times depending on interests. So do not hesitate to contact us ( if the idea interests you. The information relating to such a trip will be published here during the preparation of the itinerary. Until then, you can take a taste of these discovery and adventure journeys already undertaken here.

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