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MedIn OTRart

The olive tree has deep roots around the Mediterranean, dominating the landscape and inspiring artists from ancient times to the present day. With the MedIn OTRart project, the “Routes of the Olive Tree” are offering activities to discover the world of the olive tree and the Mediterranean from another angle, one of artistic creation.

The Med Artists’ Gallery is a digital art gallery that seeks to give visibility to the work of artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramists and writers inspired by the olive tree and the Mediterranean.
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MedIn OTRart photo exhibitions
Presentation of photo collections of particular interest reflecting the natural and cultural landscapes of the olive tree.

  • The art of nature: “Pareidolias de Tramontana” by Oscar Pipkin (Spain)
  • Faces and landscapes of Mani, by Yannis Kossivas (Greece)

MedIn OTRart ” Tales of life”
Preservation and promotion of European memory, traditions, history and cultural heritage through the “storytelling” of people born and living next to the olive tree, through audiovisual art.

MedIn OTRart Artistic Paradises in Schools
Support for the initiative of artist G. Ziros, who shows pupils how the art of painting can transform the impersonal white walls of schools and bring them to life. The children actively participate, interacting with the artist and learn how to beautify their environment and make it more aesthetically pleasing through art.

MedIn OTRart publications
“KERASMA”, the importance of intercultural dialogue through comics. A publication designed by the ”Routes of the olive tree” and illustrated by G. Ziros. Available in 3 languages (English, French, Greek).

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