The ‘Olive Tree Routes’ Network includes several categories of members: Founding members, Associate members, Fellow travelers, Supporting members, Ordinary members as well as 2 categories including members benefiting from a special regime: Honorary members and ex officio members.
  • Founding members are the persons who founded the “Routes of the Olive Tree”. As the initiators of the initiative, they are the guardians of its memory and of the initials objectives and, as such, have a special status.
  • Associate members are structures concerned with the olive tree and Mediterranean culture in general. Referenced on the various supports by the Cultural Foundation, these structures are points of interest and reference of the Route for the general public.
  • Fellow Travelers are our loyal friends who, individually, wish to support us in our action by accompanying us on our journey through the Mediterranean civilization…
  • Supporting members are companies or other entities which, made aware of our action, wish to provide us with financial or in-kind support (time, expertise, resources) so that we can continue our action over the long term.
  • Ordinary members are fellow travelers or supporting members who, in their desire to get more deeply involved in the Routes of the Olive Tree, obtain the right to vote at the General Assembly after two years of membership.
  • Honorary members represent individuals or non-profit organizations recognized for their actions at local / regional / national / international level in several fields.
  • ex officio members are – by their representatives – public bodies with a national or international vocation, not-for-profit, whose activity is closely linked to that of the management of the Itinerary.