The “Routes of the Olive Tree” VALUE CHAIN is a new initiative designed to support rural communities and small family businesses in less-favoured olive-growing areas, by creating cultural itineraries in the form of a complete and recognisable tourist package. By being designated as gastronomic and themed touristic destinations, these areas will become a “link” in the “VALUE CHAIN” of the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, thus acquiring an important comparative advantage and prospects for the sustainable development of the local economy.

One of the main criteria for selecting a rural community is the existence of a century-old olive tree or another tree in the community which, with the help of technology, becomes a digital repository of historical memory and local culture and an interactive guide for visitors, helping them to discover landmarks.


As a new high-quality tourism product with an international reach, based on cultural heritage and traditional local products, each itinerary contributes to:

  • Extending the seasonality of tourism and increasing visitor numbers
  • Raising the profile of entrepreneurs/professionals & enhancing the value of small production units
  • Encourage entrepreneurial initiatives & attract young people to set up businesses

As a result, the local community’s quality of life improves, thanks to its promotion as a new themed tourist destination.

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