Young people at the “Routes of the Olive Tree”

Our aim is to give young people the opportunity to learn about the civilisation of the olive tree in all its dimensions, to understand the importance of intercultural dialogue and to take action to protect their natural and cultural heritage.

The OTRoutes network includes many young people and students in fields related to our action, which fits in with our desire to pass on our experience to them and, in return, obtain innovative perspectives for our activities.

  • Educational workshops and competitions
    Activities aimed at raising awareness among young people (and their parents) of the olive tree and its products, such as the youth contest held in Kalamata on the olive, an emblematic product capable of helping to promote their region as a gastronomic destination.
  • European projects for the youth
    Participation in European projects, such as YOUTH4CULTURE, to explore new strategies and working methods to encourage the participation of young people in the promotion and enhancement of Europe’s cultural heritage as a sustainable resource for entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
  • Partnerships with universities
    Establishing partnerships with universities, organising information days for students, welcoming interns and young volunteers to our head office to train them on issues related to our activities. These are all initiatives that help to foster intercultural understanding among young people, introduce them to their European heritage and train them as future professionals.
  • Intercultural Messengers
    The “Intercultural Messengers” programme aims to create an active network of dedicated young members – friends who, through social media, enrich the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, helping to strengthen intercultural dialogue while increasing their own visibility and expertise.
  • Follow us on the Routes of the Olive Tree!
    This involves creating an olive tree by assembling palm prints on a “canvas”. This activity, which takes place in areas along the route, gives children and young people the opportunity to discover the civilisation of the olive tree and to send their own message of peace by signing with their “palm”!
  • Publications
    Publications by young people for young people, such as the KERASMA comic book, complete and enrich our activities.
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