Our activities are organised around 5 priorities:

  • Cultural tourism
  • Research & development
  • Youth programme
  • Artistic and cultural practices
  • Dissemination of memory and heritage

Our programme of activities includes classic recurring activities as well as new pilot activities on a trial basis, that may be implemented later. 

At the forefront are proposals for cultural itineraries, continued research and documentation of the cultural heritage of the olive tree, and the organisation of activities to promote them (information days, interactive seminars, creative workshops, competitions, etc.).

The annual programme of activities is carried out by the OTRoutes “Routes of the Olive Tree” Foundation, in collaboration with members of the OTRoutes network, partner organisations in Mediterranean countries and a 10-member international scientific committee. Their participation orientates and encourages the action of the Routes of the Olive Tree –  each one of them, and all of them together, being the best ambassadors of the Routes of the Olive Tree and their objectives.

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