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The «Routes of the Olive Tree» are itineraries of intercultural dialogue and other activities focused on the Mediterranean of the Olive Tree. It is a "bridge" that starts from Greece and extends to all countries of the world to convey the messages of the olive tree and open new communication and cooperation routes.

The activities are implemented by the Network and the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, a non-profit NGO established in Kalamata (Greece) which, since 1998, implement an innovative concept of civilisation and simultaneously alternative proposal of sustainable development across the olive growing regions.

The annual Program of activities is implemented by an international scientific team in collaboration with the Network members and partners in all Mediterranean countries.


Cultural routes to discovery the Mediterranean of the olive tree and enhancing sustainable development, events, seminars, information campaigns, research and documentation on olive tree culture, traditions, Mediterranean products and gastronomy, innovative creative activities for young people etc.

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