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The Network and the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” have a long experience in the implementation of Εuropean projects.
Their participation in the projects is based on the improvement or the transfer of a know-how on issues related to the olive tree civilization & culture, the preservation of the Mediterranean cultural, social and environmental heritage of the olive tree in the concerned regions, the sensitization of the public and especially of the young people, as well as encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and conditions for sustainable development in the olive tree regions.

The most important international projects that they have recently participated are:

Project / Programme / DateInvolved countriesList of outputs to be exploited
1. Well-O-Live

Wellness and wellbeing experience across the European Routes of the Olive Tree (GA 699568) COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1/ Theme 2

Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, FinlandThe aim of the project was to propose diversification of tourist offer and to promote the innovative tourism products on the olive tree regions.
Implement of the results to the SMEs of the tourism secto
2. MedDiet

Mediterranean diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff
ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme

Italy, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, GreeceThe project was aiming at raising awareness among consumers on the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, as an integral part of the Mediterranean lifestyle and a vehicle for development, stability and solidarity in the Mediterranean basin

Exploring your region and the regions of your neighbors could be an extraordinary journey

Europe is a mosaic of cultures. Across the length and breadth of Europe and its breathtaking landscapes, there are countless destinations that will mesmerise you with their history, culture, nature and gastronomy. Follow the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and fascinating new projects. Discover the hidden treasures of...

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“Cultural Routes Dialogues: Challenges and Opportunities after Covid-19”

The "Routes of the Olive Tree" participated in this very interesting Teleconference on the above topical issue, which was organized on June 26 by the Directorate of International Relations & EU of the Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on...

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Final Conference of the Routes4U project

The final Conference of the Routes4U project was successfully held yesterday, July 7, 2020, in which many speakers participated with presentations and interventions. The work began with interesting welcoming remarks by Mr. Jean Pierre Halkin, Head of the Unit Macro-regions Transnational / Interregional / External Cooperation, Enlargement, DG Regional and...

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Routes4U answers call for short-haul tourism promoting new cultural routes across Macro Regions in Europe

In these times, Europe’s tourism sector experiences a new demand for special and diverse short trips closer to home. A joint project of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, and DG Regio of the European Union. Routes4U proposes you different itineraries in your region...

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Outcomes of the Routes4U project in the Adriatic and Ionian region And Reflections and proposals for cultural tourism in a post-Covid19 context

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, the teleconference "Macro-regional strategies of the EU regarding the Adriatic & Ionian Region, Cultural Tourism and Regional Development: The Routes4U project, results & perspectives", presented by the Cultural Foundation The Routes of the Olive Tree and its network, was held. Its main purpose was to...

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Meeting with the International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) and the Anna Lindh Foundation /Focal Point for Southern & Western / Greece, in Athens

Meeting of Ms. Athina Korovesi, Head of the Focal Point for Southern & Western Greece of the Anna Lindh Foundation Greek Network with Mr. Georgios Karabatos, Executive Director of the Cultural Organization “Routes of the Olive Tree” On Thursday 16 January 2020, Ms. Athina Korovesi, member of the ICBSS Team...

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The Routes of the Olive Tree are involved into the Adriatic – Ionian Region

On July 2nd, two members of our team traveled to Luxembourg to participate in the Steering Committee of the Routes4U project. Routes4U is a joint project of the European Commission and the Council of Europe for the development of the 4 macro-regions identified in the Faro Convention. The Cultural Routes...

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Αrrival of 5 international volunteers as part of the MERAKI project

The ‘Routes of the Olive Tree’ Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce the arrival of 5 international volunteers as part of the MERAKI project. This program is conducted in partnership with the University of Piraeus, AIESEC (the largest international student organization in the world) and our Cultural Itinerary. We would...

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The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the “Routes of the Olive Tree” at the University of Peloponnese

With success and with a strong public participation, the Conference "Innovative Proposals for Sustainable Development: Cultural Routes and Routes of the Olive Tree" was held yesterday, organized by the University of Peloponnese / Faculty of Kalamata and the Cultural Foundation "Routes of the Olive Tree". Representatives of the Greek Ministry...

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The Routes of the Olive Tree in the Adriatic & Ionian region / Routes4U project

Within the framework of the Routes4U Project, developed by the Council of Europe, the Cultural Routes The Routes of the Olive Tree is engaged in strengthening and developing its activities in the Adriatic and Ionian region. Through the creation of new cultural routes, the development of digital resources, the creation...

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New cooperations with universities and scientific bodies

New collaborations with universities and scientific institutions has started the Cultural Organization "Routes of the Olive Tree" with the University of Jaen (Spain), the University of Ankara (Turkey) and Bologna (Italy), on the exchange of know-how concerning the Olive culture and the cultural routes. A very interesting cooperation with a...

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International Voluntary Work Program Signing a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Piraeus

An International Voluntary Work Program Agreement was signed between the International Association of Students of Economics and Commercial Sciences of the University of Piraeus and the Cultural Organization "Routes of the Olive Tree". Under the program, the Cultural Organization "Routes of the Olive Tree" will host at its headquarters (Kalamata)...

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International Conference “Responsible tourism and sustainable management of tourism destinations”

    An event aimed at enhancing competencies for the sustainable development of tourit destinations, through an exchange of methodologies and best practices On 19th July in Kalamata, Greece, was took organised the International Conference of the Well-O-Live project, focusing on a matter of great interest: "Responsible tourism and sustainable...

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Final project meeting Well-O-Live

    On 18 July in Kalamata took place the last project partners meeting from all partner countries: Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland and Greece. At the meeting were discussed all the issues and pending matters in view of the project ending and there was sharing of opinions and...

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Educational Tours « Blogger Experience » (Blogger.X) in Messinia

  In the framework of the transnational European project Well-O-Live, the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» has organised a series of educational tours under the name « Blogger Experience », in order to promote the Messinia of the olive tree. The objectives of these educational tours are: to...

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The Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » at the 6th School of Tourism

The 6th School of Tourism took place in Kalamata, from 13 to 15 March 2017.  The event gathered professionals and students in the tourism and catering sector, with the objective to provide continuous training and help them develop their competences in an increasingly competitive environment. The Cultural Foundation “Routes of...

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Experience Lab | WellOlive in Kalamata; a 2-days long seminar on innovative proposals of thematic tourism in the olive growing regions

With great attendance was successfully completed the Experience Lab | WellOlive in Kalamata, a 2-days long seminar on innovative cultural heritage management by local communities... The Experience Lab took place on 27-28January 2017 in Kalamata, in the framework of the project «Well-O-Live: Wellness & Wellbeing Experience across the European Routes...

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First 6-months of the Well-O-live European Project. Wellness and Wellbeing experience across the European Routes of the Olive Tree

NEWSLETTER N°1 A very fulfilling experience that we share with our partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece and Spain, with the aim of diversifying the EU tourism offer by developing and promoting transnational thematic tourism products of rural tourism focused on wellness and wellbeing across the Routes of...

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Well-O-Live, a new project for the Routes of the Olive Tree

The Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » participates in the partnership of the transnational project « Well-O-Live », aiming at the development and diffusion of an innovative framework for planning, managing and promoting thematic tourism products Title: Well-O-Live Programme: COSME Theme: Transnational thematic rural tourism Duration: 15 months (May 2016...

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Mediterranean Diet Forum – EXPO Milan 2015

Mediterranean Diet Convention "MedDiet – Mediterranean Diet & Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff” Mediterranean Diet Forum - EXPO Milan 2015  The Final Convention of the European project “MedDiet – Mediterranean Diet & Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff” was successfully realized on 19 September 2015 in Milan, Italy, in the framework of the...

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