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The Network and the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” have a long experience in the implementation of Εuropean projects.

Their participation in the projects is based on the improvement or the transfer of a know-how on issues related to the olive tree civilization & culture, the preservation of the Mediterranean cultural, social and environmental heritage of the olive tree in the concerned regions, the sensitization of the public and especially of the young people, as well as encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and conditions for sustainable development in the olive tree regions.

Project OLIVE4ALL, Olive Heritage for Sustainable Development: Raising Community Awareness of Living Heritage’

Programme: JPICH Cultural Heritage, Identities & Perspectives: Responding to Changing Societies (CHIP)

OLIVE4ALL is based on the idea of raising public awareness for sustainable development through cultural heritage. From the study of the olive tree heritage, chosen for its representativeness in the Mediterranean identity and bearer of strong values and symbolism, but under-utilised in the Euro-Mediterranean area, the aim is to build an innovative, interdisciplinary and transferable methodology. Starting from a critical approach to heritage, we wish to highlight an often neglected aspect of rural heritage, as well as the stakeholders and communities associated with it who are not aware of its value.

This will be achieved through an interactive online platform which, thanks to digital technology, will encourage inclusiveness and awareness of this inclusive heritage among the public and stakeholders.

In order to ensure the widest possible impact of OLIVE4ALL, we invite stakeholders to engage and collaborate to share knowledge, learn from good practices and bring about sustainable changes to build the resilient society of tomorrow.


  • Avignon University, Centre Norbert Elias, France
  • University of Thessaly, Research Committee, Research & Development Directorate, Volos, Greece
  • Polytechnic University of Leiria, School of Tourism and Maritime Technologies (ESTM), Leiria, Portugal



The “Routes of the Olive Tree” participate in this very interesting project aimed at developing innovative digital skills for the promotion of cultural routes recognized by the Council of Europe.

Its general objective is to design a new training methodology and educational module aimed at utilizing and enriching the knowledge and transversal competences of the staff members and collaborators of the European cultural routes recognized by the Council of Europe, in order to improve Cultural Routes management and promotion in the field of sustainable and cultural tourism.

The creation of new innovative training methodologies and educational modules with the aim of enhancing the skills of the staff and the bodies in the promotion and development of Cultural Routes means:

  • Strengthening the organizations/bodies’ networks managing the EU Cultural Routes at European level through the development of a partnership aimed at fostering constructive cultural and skills exchange
  • Development of a new and up-to-date professional profile capable of managing cultural routes and building a strong relationship with local, private and public bodies to promote sustainable tourism
  • Increasing the skills of cultural routes, organizations and institutions that are active in the field of culture and tourism and participate directly or indirectly in the activities of the project

In this sense, the project will promote some of the priorities of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes program, which are perfectly in line with the horizontal priorities of the Erasmus + program: research and development cooperation, enhancing memory, history and European heritage, the promotion of European cultural heritage.

It is certain that the development of this project will bring great added value and contribution to all types of institutions working in the field, as well as to the organizations leading Cultural Routes recognized from the Council of Europe.

The Fab Route project is funded by the European Erasmus + program and will last until the end of 2022.


  • ASSOCIAZIONE ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Europe’s Urban Memory
  • ARGO di Donda Andrea e C. snc, Italy
  • Cooperation Network of the European Routes of Emperor Charles V, Spain

CLUSTER SERVAGRI Italy-Tunisia (ENI CBC Program)

The overall goal of the project, in which “Routes of the Olive Tree” participate as an affiliated partner, is the joint development of strategies and pilot actions for the optimization of the agri-food sectors, capable of strengthening and making more competitive vital agricultural production in these two zones. It also aims to increase the quality and safety levels of foods while adhering to the principles of sustainable development.

A specific objective of the Italy-Tunisia Cluster Servagri project is the restructuring of the cross-border olive oil sectors and the strengthening of an economic cluster of fully detectable and quality common virgin / organic / standardized olive oil, in order to meet its production and distribution internationally.

The project aims: to improve knowledge and skills, to strengthen contacts and collaborations, in specific and visible results.

The intermediate results concern: the research and strengthening of the existing specifications for the improvement of the quality standards, the restructuring, strengthening, development of model networks of Small and Medium Enterprises and business organizations based on quality, accessibility and safety of the olive oil sector. Also, the implementation of agreements for the creation of clusters aiming at the commercialization of quality olive oil, pilot cooperation actions between bodies for the harmonization of regulations / legal standards, cluster capitalization and the electronic supply platform.

The beneficiaries of the project are: new households and women entrepreneurs, farmers and operators of the olive oil sector, consumers and the population of the target area of the project, etc.

The know-how acquired through the SERVAGRI project and the experience of its Observatory will strengthen the process of cross-border cooperation and the introduction of innovative procedures and techniques and, in the form of an “umbrella” that will extend to both countries, will ensure satisfactory results in favor of a sustainable olive cultivation.


  • GAL Eloro, Province of Syracuse (Italy)
  • INAT Tunisia Governorate (Tunisia)
  • IO-Sousse Sousse Governorate (Tunisia)
  • AAGR Provinces de Palerme (Italy)
  • APO Provinces de Catane, Syracuse et Raguse (Italy)
  • UTAP Governorate of Tunisia (Tunisia)
  • OBSERVATOIRE SERVAGRI – Observatoire italo-tunisien
  • CIHEAM-IAMM International Center for Mediterranean Agronomic Studies – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (France)
  • Agency for the Mediterranean Scarl (Italy)
  • Minister of Agriculture – General Directorate of Agricultural Production of Tunisia (Tunisia)
  • IRVO Regional Institute of Wine and Olive (Italy)
  • Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” (Greece)


Within the framework of the joint program of the Council of Europe and the European Commission to encourage development in the European Macro-region, through the creation of Council of Europe cultural routes, the “Routes of the Olive Tree” cultural route was chosen as a priority for the development of a sustainable tourism offer in this area.

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The most important international projects that they have recently participated are:

Project / Programme / Date Involved countries List of outputs to be exploited
1. Well-O-Live Wellness and wellbeing experience across the European Routes of the Olive Tree (GA 699568) COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1/ Theme 2 2016-2017
Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland
The aim of the project was to propose diversification of tourist offer and to promote the innovative tourism products on the olive tree regions. Implement of the results to the SMEs of the tourism sector
2. MedDiet Mediterranean diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2013-2015
Italy, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece
The project was aiming at raising awareness among consumers on the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, as an integral part of the Mediterranean lifestyle and a vehicle for development, stability and solidarity in the Mediterranean basin