True to its principles, the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” has included in its program for the period 2020-2023 activities mainly dealing with synergies between cultural heritage, tourism, sustainable development, actions for young people and new proposals for artistic expression on the subject “Mediterranean”

For this new era, what drives and defines our activities is the desire to expand the ‘Routes of the Olive Tree’ (OTRoutes) Network and to have full cooperation and participation of members in the activities. Our cultural route would have no reason to exist without them being the best ambassadors of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” and their goals in their region.

After reviewing our past activities, the Program includes classic repetitive actions as well as new pilot activities that we will pilot over the next three years to incorporate into the Action Plan. The program also includes and completes some unique activities.


  • Cultural Tourism
  • Research and Development
  • Youth Programme
  • Art Culture Practices
  • Dissemination of memory & cultural heritage