Why should I donate to the Routes of the Olive tree?
  • to contribute to the valorisation of the olive tree civilisation, an invaluable but underknown cultural asset, common in Greece and around the Mediterranean
  • to support an initiative internationally recognised for its actions in favour of intercultural dialogue & sustainable development
  • to contribute to the valorisation of olive tree lands and traditional products in Greece and the world
  • to support information and raising awareness actions on the olive tree civilisation, the need to protect it and its importance for sustainable development
  • to gain prestige from participating in an initiative of international status such as the «Routes of the Olive Tree»
How will my donation be used?
  • to support intercultural dialogue and provide opportunities to small family businesses, small producers, artists etc. in the middle of this suffocating financial crisis
  • to raise public awareness on the olive tree cultural heritage and its valorisation: the Organisation’s webpages receive over 100.000 visitors per year and more than 5.000 pages with information and analysis material are distributed
  • to educate children on the Mediterranean Diet: so far more than 1.000 educational packages and information material (posters, leaflets) have been distributed to 200 school and food tasting events and interactive activities have been organised with students from 80 schools
  • to fight xenophobia, fear of “other” and rising radicalisation threatening social cohesion all over Europe

Your generosity has a vital impact on our work. With your donation, you contributes to the basic operational needs of the Organisation, the continuation of its work and the success of its activities.

It is only with the support of their friends that the «Routes of the Olive Tree» can:
  • travel more kilometres of intercultural dialogue in order to valorise the olive tree lands and realise the dream of sustainable development
  • continue to promote the civilisation of the Olive Tree Mediterranean, for the survival of those who help preserve this valuable yet endangered cultural asset
  • generate opportunities that will allow the less favoured regions of the Mediterranean to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment

Join the « Routes of the Olive tree» to support this promising endeavour and give us energy!

My donation

You can contribute to the «Routes of the Olive tree» financially, in kind or by offering your skills & expertise.

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