Inspired by the market of Greek antiquity, the Agora of the ‘Routes of the Olive Tree’ is a cultural meeting for the general public as part of a journey to promote products of small producers and their areas of origin.
These meetings are celebratory and take place in various cities along the Route to promote olive groves regions and their cultural, natural, gastronomic and artistic heritage. The aim is to encourage intercultural dialogue and cooperation, to present the olive tree civilisation, its heritage, its tourism potential. In non-olive-growing countries the aim is to raise awareness of the importance of this advantage in olive-growing areas.


The information workshops are aimed at the general public and aim to raise the awareness of the participants on various issues related to the Mediterranean and the olive tree. The planned workshops for 2020 will focus on:

  • Olive Tree Civilisation, European cultural heritage
  • Benefits of Mediterranean diet
  • Refugee crisis and proposals for refugee integration


During the year numerous events are held which are either organized by the Foundation in collaboration with OTRoutes Network members, or we actively participate in the activities of our members and associates. Some of the most recent (in chronological order) are:

  • Seminar at MUCEM, Marseilles, for the creation of a report on Mediterranean products and eating habits.
    (The exhibition will open to the public in July 2020)
  • Conference on “Council of Europe’s European Cultural Routes” Presentation of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes program and other cultural routes at the University of Peloponnese (Kalamata, Greece).
  • Giornata Nazionale Camminata tra gli Ulivi
    The Foundation joined forces with Italian partner Citta dell’Olio to promote this beautiful initiative: ‘walks in the olive groves’, organized every October by Citta dell’Olio in its member cities
  • Imperia Capitale della Cultura dell’Olio e della Diet Mediterranea !
    Every November, the “Routes of the Olive Tree” actively participate in this great celebration of the Liguria region (Italy), organized by the Imperia Chamber, Promimpera and the Italian Association of Italian Olive Oil Cities ‘Citta dell’Olio’