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An educational programme on cultural tourism!

Tourism is a key factor for the development of a territory. Local cultural heritage and historic sites & monuments offer great potential for boosting cultural tourism in many regions.

Nevertheless, only few actors can tackle the challenges of an activity focused on cultural tourism and sustainable tourism development.

The Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree», certified by the Council of Europe, has long experience in organising cultural and entrepreneurial itineraries and events across Europe and the Mediterranean. Its international scientific team is specialised in cultural heritage management and thematic/cultural tourism.

The Foundation, equipped with competence and know-how in creating synergies and formulating realistic proposals for sustainable development, has elaborated an integrated educational programme targeting the above issues.

Objectives of the Cultural Programme

  1. develop an innovative training system on cultural heritage management and cultural tourism, based on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.
  2. enhance sustainable development through transfer of best practices and innovative approaches

Beneficiaries of the Educational Programme

The Programme addresses the members of the « Routes of the Olive Tree » network, cultural executives, researchers, scientists, tourism practitioners as well as students in relevant fields.

Specialised training

The proposed educational programme, organised in the form of seminars of 3-5 days, is under the supervision of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee.

In cooperation with specialised experts and scientists, participants benefit from consultancy services that combine training and knowledge transfer on economic/ cultural development, mobilization of resources and promotion (innovative tourist packages, entrepreneurship, funding etc.).

The seminars can also include private coaching sessions, problem solving workshops, roundtables and debates on concrete issues, individualised support on project design and thematic field visits.

The seminars may take place at the office of the Cultural Foundation or that of the participating members. Soon teleconferences / E-learning sessions will be possible