Our team

The success of the "Routes of the Olive Tree" is largely due to the dedication, knowledge and expertise of the persons who work for them.
Our team is made up of people who are creative, passionate, determined and focused on our goals.

Executive Director: Yiorgos Karabatos
Administrative responsible of the Foundation / OTRoutes Network
Mail : karabatos@olivetreeroute.gr

  • Responsible: Marinella Katsilieri
  • Mail : katsilieri@olivetreeroute.gr

  • Responsible: Olga Mezeridou
  • Mail: mezeridou@olivetreeroute.gr

  • Network Coordinator: Manuelle Paprocki
  • Responsible for the management, development & animation of the OTRroutes Network
    Mail: paprocki@olivetreeroute.gr

  • Responsible: Yiorgos Tsiris
  • Mail : tsiris@olivetreeroute.gr

  • Administrative monitoring, financial support, accounting: Th. Kolokotroni, Maria-Enejda Dalipaj
  • Mail : info@olivetreeroute.gr

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