The success of the «Routes of the Olive Tree» is mainly due to its network, a solidarity chain composed of members, friends and supporters who contribute to the Organisation’s activities. Currently, the Network includes Universities, Chambers of Commerce, research centres, NGO, cultural bodies, development agencies and natural persons in many countries.

The organisation pursues cooperation with the other cultural itineraries of the Council of Europe and works with networks active around the Mediterranean, like ReCoMed – Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network, Anna LINDH, INSULEUR – Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union etc.


«In the past trade was a vector of civilisation; nowadays it is civilisation that promotes trade »
The cultural itineraries «Routes of the Olive Tree» aim at valorising the Olive Tree lands and products and connecting them to the local past, history and traditions. This has proven to benefit and even save the economy of many regions. For this reason, the Mediterranean chambers are among the most fervent supporters of this initiative.

Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycles has an important place in the itineraries! Moto riders, with their passion for travels and their love for the Olive Tree, were among the first to follow the «Routes of the Olive Tree» and made a difference, giving the whole initiative a unique colour and dynamic!