Our objectives

  • ► to valorise the Olive Tree civilisation to the benefit of local communities
  • ► to create links between the Olive Tree heritage, tourism and sustainable development
  • ► to register the Olive Tree heritage around all olive growing regions, valorise and promote it through cultural activities
  • ► to create a bridge among the Mediterranean countries, and between them and the world, thanks to the Olive Tree, a symbol of peace, friendship and well-being
  • ► to encourage intercultural dialogue, entrepreneurial synergies and exchange of know-how

Our principles

  • ► We are a non-profit non-governmental organisation away from political and financial interests
  • ► We do not seek any public funding for the implementation of our activities; our income comes from our members, friends and supportersς
  • ► We are fighting against the current financial situation which is limiting possibilities for action and menaces less favoured social groups
  • ► We believe in the potential of civil society for promotion of cooperation and solidarity


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