Little friends-en

Children and youth on the Routes of the Olive Tree!


The Little Friends Club is an initiative of the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” that has as objectives:

  1. to promote and reinforce contact between youth in Greece and other countries, with the Olive Tree as starting point
  2. to contribute to the diffusion of the Olive Tree civilisation (history, gastronomy etc.) in olive growing and non-growing countries
  3. to initiate the young public in the Olive Tree civilisation, values and symbolism and to the importance of their diffusion
  4. to raise awareness on the nutritious value of olive products, by helping children and youth discover the traditional Mediterranean tastes

In this framework, various events addressed to young people are organised in many countries, such as cooking and artistic competitions, painting and photography exhibitions, tours around olive growing regions, gastronomy shows around the theme of the olive tree, olive products tasting events etc.

In 2008 an original activity was integrated in the Youth Agenda: create an olive tree with your handprint on a canvas. With its motto «travel with us on the Routes of the Olive Tree», this activity has great success in all the crossing countries of the «Routes of the Olive Tree» itinerary. Every year dozens of children find out more about the Olive Tree civilisation and send their own message of peace to the world, signing with their palm!

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