“Eco-Museum of the Olive Tree Culture’’ in Bchaaleh (Lebanon), activity proposals for the public of all ages

The newly established “Eco-Museum of the Olive Tree Culture’’ in Bchaaleh, organizes very interesting activities for the public of all ages. The Eco-Museum is a project created and funded by Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Bchaaleh and “Bchaaleh Trails Association”, with whom the Foundation ”Routes of the Olive Tree” cooperates closely and has signed a Cooperation Agreement.

We would like to congratulate the creators of this excellent, innovative and interesting initiative, as the olive culture is considered as one of the main emblems of Lebanese identity and the core activity in its rural communities.

The “Eco-Museum of the Olive Tree Culture’’ in Bchaaleh aims to raise awareness of the olive tree’s cultural heritage and introduce traditions and practices passed down through generations. Its ultimate goal is to cultivate a responsible, young generation that appreciates the country’s richness and fosters a strong sense of cultural identity from a young age.