Two remarkable initiatives took place in Messinia, the restoration of two traditional olive mills in Harakopio and Raftopoulo and their conversion into small folklore museums of olives and olive oil.

In Raftopoulo, the old olive press in “Vouliagmeni” was converted into a Folklore Museum thanks to the love of its inhabitants. It hosts the old machinery of the olive press carefully maintained and also many objects used in the past by the farmers of the area for their crops and families in their everyday life.

Visits by appointment: tel. 6977200985 & 6974136888

In Harakopio, the promotion of the old olive mill, which served the needs of the local inhabitants as early as the end of the 19th century, was carried out by the local cultural association after a donation from its last owner, in order to promote the traditional way of olive oil production. The stones, the press, the huge clay jars made by local craftsmen dating back to 1870, have been preserved and are in excellent condition. A visit to the site will be an exceptional experience.

Visits by appointment: tel. 6947896356