Presentation of the cross-border tourist-cultural itinerary ” Routes of the Olive Tree Italy-Tunisia ” CLUSTER SERVAGRI at the 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the project

GAL Eloro, Main Beneficiary of the project CLUSTER SERVAGRI, being implemented within the framework of the European Program of Cross-border Cooperation ENI CBC “Italy-Tunisia” 2014-2020, is pleased to announce the organization of the 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Conference, which will be held at the Town Hall of Palazzolo Acreide (SR), on 11, 12 and 13 May 2023.

The Cultural Foundation OTRoutes “Routes of the Olive Tree” is pleased to participate in the Conference, with an online presentation by Marinella Katsilieri (Head of Planning and Development Dpt. of the OTR), of the “The cross-border tourist-cultural itinerary CLUSTER SERVAGRI” which was implemented in the framework of the project.

The Euro-Mediterranean Conference will have a marked scientific character and will see many interventions of Tunisian, Italian and various European countries; experts, academics, officials, specialists, technicians and other representatives of stakeholders in the olive sector.

The first day will be devoted to field study visits, while the other sessions will take place at the City Hall: May 12, with an event of dissemination and cross capitalization of the two projects “Italy-Tunisia”, CLUSTER SERVAGRI and PROMETEO with the presentation and comparison of the results obtained by the partners of the two projects; and May 13 with a dissemination seminar focused on “The influence of climate change on Mediterranean crops and tree productions: Confrontation of experiences and good practices”, which will also see the interventions of foreign representatives of the European Rural Parliament at the CEM works.

During the days of May 12 and 13, it will also be possible to participate remotely through Zoom. For more useful info on the program and the participation link, visit the website: και τη σελίδα στο Facebook