The “Routes of the Olive Tree” participated to the Olea Mundi conference organised by the municipality of Lugnano in Teverina, Umbria, Italy.

Two days of meetings, with in-depth studies, tastings and guided tours were held in the small village. The main objective of the meeting was to give a strong message of peace to the entire world.

The Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” intervened in the conference “Olea Mundi: Culture, Nature and Science” held on the 2nd of December, at 10am CET.

More specifically, the conference welcomed the speeches of various guests. After greetings by the mayor Gianluca Filiberti, took the floor: the Sole Administrator of the 3-A Agro-Food Technology Park Marcello Serafini, the MEP Francesca Peppucci and the deputy mayor of Todi Claudio Ranchicchio. All underlined the importance and value of the Olea Mundi Collection and the need to publicize and promote it in a determined manner.

The speeches by CNR and 3-A PTA researchers Luciana Baldoni and Mauro Gramaccia, described the history of Olea Mundi and the projects implemented in these first nine years. The volume distributed and produced by 3A-PTA on the Olea Mundi collection was reported on.

Mauve Sabot, Executive Assistant of the OTRoutes, then gave a speech for our Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

Women also played a leading role in the agri-food sector, such as Giuditta Marsili, Slowfood manager and member of the Amerino Rajo Community, who intervened to explain the importance of valorising such an ancient plant and above all one with so many nutritional and health-giving qualities.

Another important intervention was the one of Loriana Abbruzzetti, President of Pandolea, who presented the activities of the Association of Women Oil Producers and the new members. Youth and youth involvement were at the center of the reflection carried on.

The theme of peace could not be missing, especially in these times, with the speech by Oriano Spadoni, Secretary General of The Garden of Peace.

The last speech was handled by Lorenza Vitali president of the Witaly Association and Laura Pinelli of the Pachis Association.

The conference ended on an olive tasting session, in which the “Routes of the Olive Tree” sadly were not able to attend.