“Olea Mundi” event (2-3 December 2023)

The “Routes of the Olive Tree” have been invited to participate to the “Olea Mundi” event (2-3 December 2023) organised by the municipality of Lugnano in Teverina, Umbria, Italy. Two days of meetings, with in-depth studies, tastings and guided tours will be held in the small village. The main objective of the meeting is to give a strong message of peace to the entire world.

The Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” will intervene in the conference “Olea Mundi: Culture, Nature and Science” held on the 2nd of December, at 10am CET. There, the volume of the “Quaderni della Biodiversità” dedicated to the Lugnano Collection, and all the most salient activities realized in collaboration with the CNR of Perugia, will be presented. MEP Francesca Peppucci will also attend the conference with a speech on European opportunities for the agricultural sector.

As the theme of peace, in regard to the great international instability we are facing, is at the centre of the conference, it will be the perfect opportunity for the collection Olea Mundi of Lugnano and Assisi to encounter the Garden of Peace of Chania in Greece, represented by Francesco Serafini, its president, and general secretary, Oriano Spadoni.

The conference will also present the latest activities of the Association “Donne dell’Olio Pandolea”, by president Loriana Abbruzzetti and associates who will be offering olive oil tasting. Luigi Cremona, food critic, will moderate the conference.