YOUTH4CULTURE: Final international event and final project conference

From 13 to 16 of June 2023, the “Routes of the Olive Tree”/OTRoutes Foundation participated in the final meeting and event of the EU Erasmus+ project: YOUTH4CULTURE.
The event took place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain and was organized by the ‘European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ)’.

Representing the OTRoutes Foundation, were Ms. Ioulia Rammou (Executive Assistant of the Planning and Development Dpt.) and Ms. Evgenia Xenouli (External Partner of the OTRoutes)
In the framework of this event, all participating Cultural Routes had the chance to present themselves and their activities to a young audience, in an intriguing and interactive way, using as tools all the knowledge acquired from the sessions during YOUTH4CULTURE project.

In addition, the hosting Cultural Route, AEPJ, gave us the opportunity to get to know better the Jewish heritage and traditions, by experiencing a baking workshop and a guided tour in the Jewish quarters of Barcelona.
Finally, the project was officially closed, after some reflections, evaluations and final activities.

YOUTH4CULTURE was a fruitful project with interesting activities, a very important and fresh thematic and excellent cooperation between all the partners, and we hope we have the chance to collaborate again with everyone in future projects.