9th Olive and Olive Oil Festival

With great success was completed the 9th Olive and Olive Oil Festival at the Elite City Resort Hotel of Kalamata, organized by the Agricultural Cooperative of Kalamata, the Peloponnese Region, the Municipalities of Kalamata, Pylos-Nestoros and Trifylia, the Chamber of Messinia and the University of Peloponnese, under the auspices of the Cultural Foundation ” Routes of the Olive Tree” (OTRoutes Foundation) and with the support of the “Mediterranean Olive Oil Towns Network RECOMED”.

At the Festival, the Executive Director of the OTRoutes Foundation and President of the “Mediterranean Olive Oil Towns Network RECOMED”, Mr. George Karabatos, gave a welcome speech and highlighted the great importance and impact of such initiatives in the promotion of the olive tree and its heritage worldwide, as well as in the development of gastronomic tourism in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Among other things, Mr. Karabatos mentioned: “The Mediterranean welcomes 450 million tourists every year and the olive tree decorates the landscapes of many regions around this endless sea. It is our common responsibility to work side by side to highlight the importance of this timeless product, not only for its gastronomic value, but also for its enormous health benefits. Through our joint efforts, we can increase global consumption of olive oil and edible olives, ensuring a healthier future for everyone. Let us not forget that the Mediterranean Diet has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and the olive tree is a cultural treasure that we have a duty to promote, utilize and preserve.”