Student Contest “Kalamata Gastronomic Destination with the Kalamata Olive: is it possible?”

The Student Contest held by the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree”, in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Primary & Secondary Education of the Peloponnese, on the theme: “Kalamata Gastronomic Destination with the Kalamata Olive: is it possible?”, is completed.

The aim of the contest was to give students the opportunity to express themselves, to research, study, create and familiarize themselves with the PDO Kalamata Olive, an emblematic product of our region and a vehicle for the emergence of Kalamata as a Gastronomic Destination.

Six school units took part in the contest and, following the decision of the Scientific Committee, the following winners were selected:
1. The 1st Special School of Kalamata was the 1st winner for the elementary schools, for the meaningful, simple and aesthetic presentation of the meaning of the olive tree.
2. For secondary schools, 1st winner was the 2nd EPAL of Kalamata, for the vivid and communicative presentation through image (video).