The “Routes of the Olive Tree” at the FabRoutes International Training Week in Italy

From the 23rd to the 27th of May, 5 colleagues of the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” participated in the International FabRoutes Training Week held in the beautiful city of Rimini, Italy. The aim of the Week was to test the training methodology elaborated within the Fabroutes project for staff and members of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes. The International Week was organised by the Centre for Advanced Tourism Studies of the University of Bologna, which was also responsible for the scientific supervision of the development of the training methodology.

The training was divided into 8 teaching modules.
The “Routes of the Olive Tree” were responsible for the topic: Networking cooperation and participation (business partners)
For the other topics were responsible our fellow Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe:

  • Cultural Brand Image and Marketing (Charles V European Routes)
  • Governance and member’s participation (AEPJ)
  • Cooperation and participation in networks (institutions) (Via Regia – Kulturroute des Europarates)
  • Digital innovation for cultural heritage (La Rotta dei Fenici)
  • Team work development “Geocaching around Rimini historical centre”, Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism – CAST (Italy)
  • Promotion of citizen’s participation (Atrium European Cultural Route)
  • Study visit in Forli (Atrium European Cultural Route)

The sessions (theoretical and practical) were all extremely interesting and the discussions and exchanges between participants were rich and fruitful.