Creation of a cross-border “Route of the Olive Tree” Italy-Tunisia

On the occasion of the creation of a cross-border “Route of the Olive Tree” Italy-Tunisia (Cluster Servagri project), an on-site visit to Tunisia was carried out from 12 to 16 July 2022.

With a particular focus on the Cap Bon and Sousse regions, the objective of the visit was to establish the eligibility of the points of interest proposed by the Tunisian partners of the Cluster Servagri project, in which the ‘Routes of the Olive Tree’ certified manager of the cultural route of the Council of Europe participates as an associated partner.

More specifically, the aim was to ascertain the feasibility and conditions for the creation of a route, to meet with local partners and ascertain their interest, to form a more concrete picture of the natural and cultural landscape of the olive tree and to encourage the various institutions to contribute to the development of this route.

Head of mission: Marinella Katsilieri, Head of Planning & Development, ‘Routes of the Olive tree’, Gal Eloro Sergio Campanella, Paola Pacci.