Routes of the Olive Tree-en

The «Routes of the Olive Tree» are itineraries of intercultural dialogue framed with cultural events and other activities around the themes of the Olive Tree and the Mediterranean. Acting as a bridge between Greece and the world, they convey the messages of the Olive Tree and pave new ways of communication and cooperation.

These activities are implemented by the Network and the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, a non-profit NGO which, since 1998, had been putting forward innovative concepts of civilisation and alternative proposals of sustainable development across the olive growing regions. The participants in the "Routes of the Olive Tree" had traveled so far 160.000 kilometres of intercultural dialogue across more than 25 countries, registering, discovering and valorising the Olive Tree civilisation, a time-old cultural asset and an integral part of the Mediterranean civilisation.

The annual Olive Route program come true by a multi-scientific team in collaboration with network members and collaborators in all Mediterranean countries.

The initiative «Routes of the Olive Tree» was inspired by the love for a tree that symbolises peace and well-being, and the desire for communication and dialogue.
It was officially recognised by the UNESCO as International Cultural Route of Intercultural Dialogue & Sustainable development in 2003 and as Cultural Route of the Council of Europe by the Council of Europe in 2005. These two very important distinctions confirm the dynamic of this ambitious endeavour and encourage its initiators to continue pursuing its objectives.

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