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Antoniou Periklis

Pericles Antoniou was born in Athens, where he lives and works until today. After studying Economics and Computer Science, he started working in photography in 1986, and since 1990 he has been a member of the Photography Circle. He has presented his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Greece and Europe and has published the albums “Kath’odon” (1995) and “Eyes of Solitude” (1996). From 1996-2004 he curated numerous art exhibitions and publications on Greek Culture which were held at the European Parliament on the initiative of the former MEP Al. Alavanos. His collaboration with the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” started in 2000 with the exhibition “Olive tree, the old, the orphan, the virgin” (European Parliament, Brussels) and the publication of the corresponding album.

Αντωνίου Περικλής
Βαμβακάς Τάσος

Vamvakas Tasos

Tasos Vamvakas was born in Kalamata and he has been in contact with the art of photography since his student years. As a student at the Agricultural University he starts his first steps in the field of photography, steps that will eventually lead him to his professional occupation. In 2003 he created jointly with the photographer Yannis Kossivas the Studio F, and occasionally exhibits his material in solo or group exhibitions. T. Vamvakas is an official photographer of the Cultural Organization “Roads of Olive Tree”, while he occasionally gives courses in the framework of the cycle of seminars organized by the Photography Club of Kalamata.

Kossyvas Yiannis

Κόσσυβας Γιάννης
Πρίνος Γιώργος

Prinos Giorgos

George Prinos is born in Athens in 1977. He studied photography at the Leica Academy and the Photography Cycle. He has worked for many magazines of the Greek Press and from 2002 until 2004 for the “Athens 2004” Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. His work has also been exhibited in collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Athens. He participated for the first time in the Cultural Itinerary “Routes of the Olive Tree” in the summer of 2002 and keeps collaborating regularly with the Foundation. Thanks to this collaboration, some of the best photos for the Routes of the Olive Tree are signed by the talented George Prinos.

Bonetti Andrea

Andrea Bonetti was born in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1968, after studies in Biology in Italy, Andrea Bonetti moved in 1995 to begin a research on the birds of the Gialova Lagoon of Pylos, SW Peloponnese. His studies brought him close to wildlife photography, which slowly became his main occupation. His pictures have been published in various magazines around the world. His third book, a guide to the Greek Nature, is in bookshops since july, published by ROAD Editions, and will be published soon in a smaller guide format. More information available on the site
In 2008, he participated in the Routes of the Olive Tree, a route that gave rise to a wonderful collection of photographs.

Bonetti Andrea
Heike Kummer

Kummer Heike

Heike Kummer, was born in Waiblingen, Germany in 1970. Studied as a Goldsmith in Pforzheim and Hamburg, Germany. In 1998 she applied for an advertised job in a goldsmith workshop on Rhodes, Greece where she worked as goldsmith and in tourism until 2003.Contacts to other local and foreign artists led her to free art studies which she began on Rhodos and continued in Athens where she lived till 2006. In 2006, she continued her studies at the University of Western Macedonia, in the Department of Applied and Visual Arts. at the University of Western Macedonia.
She “met” the Routes of the Olive Tree in 2008 and this meeting was the occasion for the creation of a wonderful collection of watercolours.
Today she lives and works in Rhodes and continues this interesting artistic career by creating and participating in many exhibitions.
More information available on the site

Pipkin Oscar

Oscar Pipkin was born in Argentina and has lived in Palma de Mallorca since 1980. Since his first job at the newspaper “Ultima Hora”, he combined photojournalism with exhibitions, which led to several projects such as “S’altre any de Sa Neu”, “Blat”, “Reunió d ‘absents”, “El mirall i la memoria, 50 ans de fotopériodisme”, etc.

He has also worked for important press agencies in Spain and has published in newspapers and magazines in Europe and America. Since 2001, he has been organising the educational and cultural programmes of the UNESCO centre in Mallorca.

His most recent work is the collection “Pareidolias de Tramontana”, a collection of 36 photographs taken during numerous excursions to the olive groves of Mallorca, as part of the “Olive Tree Routes” cultural route, which -as he himself confessed- conveyed to him the love and respect for this ancient tree.

This collection presents another aspect of the Tramontana olive groves: the art of nature. Perceiving faces or figures in trunks and branches is a skill accessible to all. Through imagination, one can “see” in the trunks of an olive tree theatrical masks, characters from tragedies or even animals. It is an ancestral game that stimulates aesthetic delight through the encounter of the olive tree with the eye of an observer.

Oscar Pipkin

Ziros Yorgos

Yorgos Ziros was born in Amaliada, dept. of Elide (Peloponnese, Greece), on 1977. In 1991, he became involved in the art of political cartooning and began to publish his works in local newspapers. From 1995 to 1998 he studied at the Orneraki School of Graphic Arts in Athens. From 2000 until today he works in an embroidery factory for the creation and digitalization of drawings. At the same time, he is actively involved in comics and has received several awards for his work in national competitions.

He also illustrates books, fanzines, creates logos and tattoos. Being one of the most active members of the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, he transmits the values and concerns of his fellow travellers through his art.