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The olive tree deeply rooted around the Mediterranean has dominated the landscape for thousands of years, brightening the area with its characteristic unrivalled grey-green color, inspiring artists from antiquity to the present day. Its branches and leaves, scenes from the gathering of its fruit, have decorated uniquely works of art such as ancient amphorae. They have been imprinted on the walls of ancient palaces, and were also the subject of famous paintings and engravings of earlier Greek and foreign artists.

The olive groves… the modest olive tree branches… the longevity of the olive tree impressed in elaborated masses on its trunk, themes that have never stopped to inspire artists… so many painters, sculptors and photographers inspired by its silver green leaves, its cranky but hospitable trunk and the endless olive groves in Greece and the Mediterranean …

In an effort to promote this richness and the young artists inspired by the olive tree, the Cultural Foundation «The Routes of the Olive Tree» created its own collection, the «Gallery of the Routes of the Olive Tree» presenting the work of young artists and promoting it through several activities.

Antoniou Periklis


Vamvakas Tasos


Prinos Giorgos


Bonetti Andrea


Kummer Heike


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