Olive Oil Usage-en

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For centuries the olive oil has been the main ingredient in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. On a daily basis, it is used for wholesome and delicious dishes. Studies conducted in seven countries have revealed that the Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals and poor in meat, with olive oil as the only source of fat, promotes health and longevity. This diet is proven to reduce frequency of heart attacks and protect from several types of cancer.

Apart from cooking, olive oil has been used around the Mediterranean as a fuel for oil lamps, but also in soap making, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and for preserving food such as fish.  Furthermore, it is a well-known remedy for skin irritations since antiquity and is recognized by modern medicine. Finally, olive oil has always been considered an aphrodisiac, especially the one extracted from wild olive trees…

Why use extra virgin olive oil in cooking?

Because it is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree with natural methods.

Because its main type of fat is monounsaturated fatty acids (70-80%) and it contains only 10% polyunsaturated fats.

This is why olive oil:

  • lowers “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and maintain normal levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL).
  • prevents of artery blockage and cardiovascular diseases.
  • helps digestion and treats gastric ulcer and duodenum ulcer
  • regulates metabolism and blood sugar in diabetic patients
  • protects from cancer.

Furthermore, olive oil:

Is rich in beneficial ingredients such as sterols and vitamins (A, D, E, and K), necessary for smooth function of the body, and a substantial percentage of antioxidants, which make it extremely resistant to heat, compared to other vegetable oils sensible to dangerous mutations. Its color also works as a “protective shield”, changing after being cooked or fried several times, and warning us not to use it anymore! On the contrary, other vegetable oils keep their original color, no matter how many times they have been used.