Olive Oil Production-en

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The olive tree has deep roots in the lands around the Mediterranean, which accounts for 97% of world olive oil production. It loves the Mediterranean climate, requires little care and provides fully valorisable parts: fruit, leaves and wood.

Olive oil production is a very demanding technological process which consists of three stages:

  1. grinding the olives into a paste
  2. malaxing the paste to extract the olive oil
  3. separating the olive oil from vegetable water and solid residues.

For centuries people used to grind the fruit of the olive tree by rolling huge stones or pushing levers. At a later phase, olives were ground with granite stones that turned around an axle, with the use of human or animal power, water or steam.

At the beginning, olives were hand-picked. In the 20th century people started beating or shaking down the olive tree and gathering the olives in special nets.