Associated Members may be bodies of any size or legal status that manage or work on the olive tree, its history, traditions and the civilisation of the Olive tree Mediterranean, such as:

Olive tree or Soap museums / Ancient or contemporary Olive oil mills / Millenary olive groves / Traditional farms / Landscapes of unique natural beauty or historical importance / Model Olive growing associations / Soap making units / Traditional artisans / Artists / Historical monuments / Archaeological spaces / Religious buildings of historical importance / Research centres / Institutes / Educational institutions / Innovative initiatives / Accommodation structures in olive tree landscapes / Traditional restaurants / Structures open to public that are related to the object of work, values and cultural routes of the Council of Europe.

If you manage such a body and are interested in integrating it in the route, please look into the conditions and ask to be an Associated Member of the Routes of the Olive Tree network, following the procedure below.

A prerequisite for the integration of a structure to the Cultural Route «Routes of the Olive tree » is its link to the civilisation of the Olive Tree Mediterranean and its sustainability level. The structures joining the Route are promoted on all the communication means of the Organisation as stops/sections of the itinerary. In this way, they become points of reference of the olive tree civilisation and vectors of intercultural dialogue in their area. The integration of a monument or a structure in the cultural route «Routes of the Olive tree» contributes to its international valorisation and promotion, enhances the perspectives of sustainable development in a region, broadens intercultural dialogue…


1. Interested bodies can submit a request for an expert evaluation of their structure by the Organisation’s Scientific Committee.

2. After submission of the request, the interested bodies receive a pre-evaluation questionnaire to be filled in with information about the applicant, the nature of the asset/element/structure proposed for integration, its sustainability, its benefits to local community, its link to the olive tree cultural heritage (tangible or intangible) etc.

3.On the basis of the information provided, there will be an on the spot field research by the Organisation’s experts, so that the Scientific Committee can express an opinion on the integration of the structure to the itinerary.

The evaluation costs (expert evaluation cost and travel & accommodation costs for 2 experts for a minimum period of 48 hours), determined on the basis of the location, size and type of structure, shall be borne by the applicant (c.f. table).

4. After the evaluation is complete and the Scientific Committee gives a positive opinion, the new associated member shall deposit the annual membership fee (c.f. table).

The structures that do not conform to the criteria cannot join as members. Conformity to all the evaluation criteria is of great importance for the Organisation, in order to maintain the sustainability of its action from a social, financial and environmental aspect.


The Associated members enjoy a series of privileges:

  • Integration in an internationally recognised Cultural Route of the Council of Europe which has been awarded by the UNESCO the title of International Cultural Route of Intercultural dialogue & sustainable Development
  • Benefit from the expertise of the Organisation’s scientific collaborators on issues related to protection, promotion and valorisation of the olive tree cultural heritage, and acquire the right to individualised consultancy services
  • Integration in the Organisation’s Network, extending to all the Mediterranean countries
  • Registration in the cultural route map (description/ name, address/ location/ accessibility etc.) on the Organisation’s website
  • Visibility on the Organisation’s website, Facebook and other online channels, as well the communication material


  • Communicate to the Organisation του Οργανισμού any modification in its management, location or technical interventions
  • Timely pay the annual membership fee, to maintain their privileges
  • Use the Organisation’s logo according to our graphic applications Charter on all print and non-print material, website etc.
  • Place a sign in a visible place, where will be mentioned the name of the structure, the quality of Associated member and the relevant logos, after consultancy with the Organisation and in conformity to the Graphic Applications Charter
  • Agree to the re-evaluation of the structure and renewal of the Associated member status every 2 years

Application form


Supplementary info

  • Your data shall remain confidential and shall be communicated exclusively to the Executive Office of the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, in the framework of your application


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