Honorary & ex officio members

The Honorary members of the Organisation are representatives of institutions distinguished for their offer and action on a local, regional, national or international level in fields like intercultural dialogue, olive growing, cultural tourism, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, environmental protection, safeguard of traditional rural know-how, sustainable development etc., and have contributed to the achievement and promotion of the Organisation’s objectives and the successful implementation of its activities.

The honorary members valorise their status and knowledge to encourage fruitful exchanges on the Organisation’s objectives, inspire its decision-making process according to its values and principles and open new perspectives in its action, expanding its possibilities.

The honorary members are designated by the Organisation’s Board of Directors, at the proposal of the Executive Director and do not submit annual membership fee. They take part in the member General Assembly, may have their opinion registered in the minutes but do not have a voting right.

The Ex officio members are representatives of public non-profit bodies of national or international statute, active on fields related to the Organisation’s activity (UNESCO, Council of Europe, International Olive Oil Council, Universities, the other cultural routes of the Council of Europe and the Ambassadors of the Mediterranean countries in Greece, where the Organisation is seated.

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