Supporting members are bodies or businesses that wish to support our activities and contribute to their success<

Be a Supporting member of the Routes of the Olive Tree in order to:

  • contribute to the valorisation of the olive tree civilisation, a valuable yet unknown to general public cultural asset of Greece and the Mediterranean.
  • take part in a network that enjoys international recognition for its work and activities to the benefit of dialogue and sustainable development.
Privileges for the Routes of the Olive Tree supporting members:
  • Participation in the internationally renowned initiative «Routes of the Olive Tree », awarded the title «Cultural Route of the Council of Europe » and « International Cultural Route of Intercultural Dialogue & sustainable Development » by the UNESCO
  • Possibility to use the logo of the « Routes of the Olive tree» Cultural Route of the Council of Europe on the communication material (under certain conditions and according to the guidelines of the graphic applications charter)
  • Placement of the logo of the business / organization on the website linked to the Council of Europe website and other websites of the members of the Routes of the Olive Tree network.
  • Exclusive prices for the seminars and workshops in the framework of the Foundation’s Educational Programme
  • Priority invitations to all the events organised by the Routes of the Olive Tree Network (Cultural Routes, Information Days, meetings, food tasting events etc.).
  • Discount on selected items and special rates on The Routes of the Olive Tree Collection business gifts
Remember that:

By subscribing, you contribute to the sustainability of an internationally recognized initiative that receives no public grants and depends solely on the generosity of its members and friends. ONLY with your contribution can we travel even more kilometers for the intercultural dialogue and the benefit of sustainable development in olive groves areas…

Registration process, supporting member

Any entity that wishes to become a Supporting Member of the OTRroutes "Routes of the Olive Tree" Network and agrees with our aims and action, can complete and submit this application form by selecting the category to which it belongs. Once the application is registered, we will contact you to complete your registration.

Annual membership fee:
  • National / Regional Administrations Legal entities under public law / legal entities under private law, unions & federations: 500€-1.000€*
  • Local authorities - municipalities:
    <10.000 residents: 200€
    11.000--30.000 residents: 300€
    31.000--50.000 residents: 500€
    >50.000 residents: 600€
  • Non-governmental organisations: 50€-150€**

* Determination of the annual fee based on the size and/or scope of the structure.
** Determination of the annual fee according to the size of the organisation


  • We agree with the objectives of the Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree ». Our institution/ business wishes to be registered as supporting member, in order to contribute to the promotion of the olive tree civilisation and lands for the benefit of local development.


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