Never alone, always in a team!


The Routes of the Olive Tree network includes institutions, civil society organisations, businesses, scientists and experts on the field of culture, art, olive growing, gastronomy etc., in more than 25 countries. The dynamic of this multicultural member network should be reinforced and shared with new members.

If you wish to join the Routes of the Olive Tree network or integrate a structure in our itinerary, please select a category: CO-TRAVELER (natural persons), SUPPORTING MEMBER (institutions/entrerprises) or ASSOCIATED MEMBER (structures related to the theme of the itinerary) and find more information about the registration process.


Friends who support and follow us

Supporting members

Businesses and institutions that wish to support or participate in our actions

Associated members

Structures active on issues related to the history, traditions and civilisation of the olive tree Mediterranean

Regular members

Older members of the network and those who wish a closer connection to the «Routes of the Olive Tree»

Honorary & ex officio members

Representatives of institutions that share our values and principles and contribute to objectives

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