Workshop on “tourism after the pandemic”

28 September 2021

The "Routes of the Olive Tree" participated in an interesting workshop on tourism issues after the pandemic. It was organized in Kalamata, on the occasion of the World Tourism Day (27 September) by the group "Pame Volta" and the Koinsep "ETHOS Peloponnese". During the event, participants expressed their views on...

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Impressionisms Routes – Exhibition “Margarites/Daisies”

1 June 2021

Exhibition "DAISIES" Thalia Flora-Karavia (1871-1960) The exhibition is part of the overall project “Margarites/Daisies” with which the Municipal Gallery of Larissa-G.I. Katsigras Museum participates in the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe “Roads of Impressionism” Capital of Thessaly, Larissa enjoys its privileged location halfway between the two most important...

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Online Training Seminar “Mentors for the Social Economy”

1 April 2021

Online Training Seminar "Mentors for the Social Economy" April 2-4, 2021 "The contribution of the Social Economy to the economic recovery"   The P.E.S.K.O. (Panhellenic Association of Social Economy Partnerships) in collaboration with «Omilos Skepsis” for the Development of the Social Economy "COOPERATIVE SOCIETY" organizes a three-day online training seminar...

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1st Balkan Poetry Marathon

31 March 2021

The online magazine BALKAN CULTURE, in the context of its activities for the promotion of Balkan Culture, organizes the 1st Balkan Poetry Marathon. The event will be remote and will take place on March 31, 2021 on Wednesday and start time 19:00 via YouTube Well-known 17 poets from...

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26 January 2021

DIGITAL SKILLS TO PROMOTE EU CULTURAL ROUTES (Programme Erasmus +) The "Routes of the Olive Tree" participate in the very interesting project "FABRoutes" aimed at developing innovative digital skills for the promotion of cultural routes recognized by the Council of Europe. Its general objective is to design a new training...

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The CLUSTER SERVAGRI Italy-Tunisia project (ENI CBC Program)

26 January 2021

The overall goal of the project, in which "Routes of the Olive Tree" participate as an affiliated partner, is the joint development of strategies and pilot actions for the optimization of the agri-food sectors, capable of strengthening and making more competitive vital agricultural production in these two zones. It also...

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