FRANCE, Short Cultural Itineraries

Route of the Olive Tree in Baronnies

Meeting a part of the ‘Routes of the Lavender’ will take you to the Ouvèze and Eygues valleys where the production of the Nyons black olives is concentrated. The route formulates a circle in which the green landscapes and the perennial olives accompany the singing of the beetles along the small streets. Landmarks in producers and villages with traditional olive oil mills and centuries-old buildings make this route even more attractive.

Route 1: Nyons & Eygues Valley

Picturesque villages in the middle of the olive groves… Centuries-old olives next to historic buildings offer wonderful landscapes …


Olive groves in terraces, old village, castle ruins …

A very important olive-growing town with legacy closely linked to the olive … In Nyons you can see:

  • The Institute of the Olive World – AFIDOL | Free entry, Tel. 047526909
    Reports on the main olive varieties of France and their products. Tasting area, documentation center.
  • Vieux Moulins | Tel. 04 75261100
    Museum space located in a former 19th-century family mill, 18th-century mill. and soap maker.
  • The ‘Scourtinerie’ | Tel. 04 7526 3352
    The latest factory that manufactures chisels (trichinous bags used to extract olive oil from the olive oil) in France. You can visit the workshop where they are made by the Fert family.
  • The Olive Museum | Free entry, Tel. 04 75261212
    A place devoted to the cultural heritage of the olive in the Vignolis Cooperative.
  • Visit to the olive groves of the surrounding area, with great views of the Eygues Valley and Nyons.

Village perched on the rocks, 14th century, church, castle

Village perched on the rocks, castle, olives on the slopes, wonderful views of the village.

Olive groves, old village, old oil mill (15th century), farmhouse-inn.

Trees in terraces. a village perched on a slope, ruins of the Bodon monastery (6th c.).

Purchase of table olives every Saturday in December at the Town Hall Square. Numerous ancient olives (on the way to Châteauneuf-de-Bordette and the Blaches district).

Nyons: Autrand-Dozol Olive Mills, Moulin Ramade, Richard Olive Oil, Nyonsais – Vignolis Agricultural Cooperative
Mirabel-aux-Barronies: Chameil Olive Mill
Tulette: Tante Hortense Olive Oil Mill
Condorcet: Monin Olive Oil Mill

Route 2: Buis-les-Baronnies and the Valley of Ouvèze

Preserved locations, in a landscape with olive silver colors, green forests and blue streams, ideal for climbing or simply wander with the olive.

La Roche-sur-le-Buis
Information Tel. 0475280459
Olives on the slope, grown on terraces. Walk among the olives, Museum of Folk Art & Traditions, chapel.

Information 0475280459
Hiking in olives paths. 15th cent. Shop for aromatic plants.

Centuries-old olives beneath the village.

Olive grove of Comptat & Baronnies, an oatmeal production company (tapenade). Entrechaux tower with olives in terraces (11th century feudal castle) Ancient olives (Puyberlie and Seguret districts) Roman chapels, Roman bridge of St Michel sur Ouvèze …

An old village and a ruined castle. Church and chapel (former Benedictine prayer house)

Buis-les-Baronnies: Haute Provence Olive Mill
Mollans-sur-Ouvèze: Chauvet Olive Mill