Since 1998, the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» has been implementing short and long cultural itineraries inspired by the Olive Tree Civilisation, from Greece towards the Euro-Mediterranean countries. They promote the olive tree civilization through a large network of Mediterranean partners, which organise common activities for the benefit of olive oil producing regions.

Nowadays, these itineraries have a multifaceted context and the following aims:

  • acquaint participants with the olive tree civilisation, integral part of the European and Mediterranean civilisation;
  • familiarize international public with the olive tree landscapes, products and traditions;
  • consolidate partnerships among the olive oil producing regions;
  • create a Friends of the Olive Tree network in the non-olive oil producing countries.

3 types of cultural itineraries « Routes of the Olive Tree» exist:

  1. Long Cultural Itineraries “Discovery of the Olive Tree in the Mediterranean” (olive oil producing countries).
    30-days overland cultural itineraries, departing from Greece towards the Eastern Mediterranean or the Western Mediterranean. Due to the unsettled situation in most of the crossed countries, they have been interrupted for the moment.
  2. Short Cultural Itineraries “Discovery of the Olive Tree in the Mediterranean”  (olive oil producing countries).
    1 to 3-day Cultural itineraries for groups of 15 persons or individuals in the South-West Peloponnese (Greece) or the Meknes region (Morocco).
    The Scientific Committee of the Foundation is examining proposals of other short itineraries around other olive oil producing countries.
  3. Cultural Itineraries for the promotion of the civilisation of the Olive Tree Meditterranean (non-olive oil producing countries).
    These destinations are selected according to various criteria, including international events associated to the sacred olive tree (like the Olympic Games) or the olive oil regions in Greece, the Mediterranean and Europe (like the «Eleodromies» around Balkan countries and the «AGORA of the Routes of the Olive Tree» around European countries).

Special itineraries of symbolic character.
In 2007, at the request of the Olive Tree Network members, the Sea Routes of the Olive Tree” were realized; this symbolical itinerary stressed the importance of maritime connection between Mediterranean cities-harbors, now in decline but although it plays a key role in their development since centuries.

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