They are days dedicated to the olive tree, its civilization and its meaning for the people around the Mediterranean. These celebrations include the following cycles:

    Exhibitions of painting and thematic - artistic photography, projections, children’s painting competitions etc.
    Musical bridges with Mediterranean music, quizzes, contests
    Traditional product tasting, cooking demonstrations using olive oil, meetings and information days on different subjects (Tourism & gastronomy, Promotion of the olive tree civilisation as a vector of sustainable development, etc.).

The Routes of the Olive Tree celebrations

Dedicated to the Olive Tree Mediterranean, these celebrations are organised either in the framework of an itinerary or on other occasions. Their objective is to draw the attention of public, decision-making actors and media on the work and the goals of the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» and at the same time expand its network of partners and friends.

So far many successful celebrations have been realised, for example at the Metro station « Syntagma » in Athens in December 2004, which included a tasting workshop (One thousand and two flavours), a creative painting workshop for children (Draw me an olive tree), musical bridges, 2 exhibitions of artistic photography (Olive tree, the beloved of Greeks, and Following the olive tree), a roundtable (The olive tree : vector of civilisation and sustainable development) etc.

Other successful events were realised in Greece (Athens : Zappeion, Kalamata : municipal cultural center), France (Paris : Seat of the UNESCO, Marseille : Palais de la Bourse), in Canada (Montreal : Botanical garden), Belgium (Brussels: European Parliament), Ukraine (Kiev and Odessa), Romania (Bucharest), Lebanon (Balamand) and elsewhere.

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