Focused on intercultural dialogue and sustainable development in the Mediterranean and beyond, the programme of the Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » includes organizing of cultural itineraries and events but also his presence or participation in several activities all over the world…


The Routes of the Olive Tree AGORA

From 2016 the «Routes of the Olive Tree» will move towards Europe!  

In cooperation with local authorities, 6 preselected European cities will host the Routes of the Olive Tree AGORA, a 3-days celebration open to all citizens, which will include … 

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Other itineraries …

The annual agenda of the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» includes its participation as co-organiser, speaker or observer in conferences, forums, exhibitions, seminars, events and meetings all over the world, around the theme of the Mediterranean, cultural heritage, environment, sustainable development, thematic/ cultural tourism etc.

The Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » also supports actions implemented by its network members, develops partnerships with civil society actors and participates as partner or coordinator in EU-funded projects.

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