The cats of the Routes of the Olive Tree!

Five years ago…

When we arrived at the new headquarters of the ”Routes of Olive Tree” in Kalamata, in a garden near the sea, we received a wonderful welcome from the cats that were already living there freely. They were 4 or 5 at the time. We adopted them immediately. Then the group grew with their children and grandchildren and a few abandoned kittens who joined this happy group, which now has 30 members, all cute and adorable: precious companions who beautify our daily life.

Today, our priority is to take care of them

The care of the cats that live in the garden of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” in Kalamata is now a priority for us. We take care daily, not only of their hygiene but also of their well-being! All cats are neutered, vaccinated regularly and fed properly, only with good quality croquettes and clean water.

In the Garden of the Routes of the Olive Tree, the cats are happy and free 24 hours a day. There are no restrictions on their movements within the garden during the day or night, and the only cages they know are the ones used to transport them to the vet. They are also welcome inside the offices, especially in winter, as they love the heat.

We do not select the cats we protect; the priority has never been the colour or texture of their fur or the beauty of their eyes. The only criterion is to give homeless cats a chance to live happily in our garden.

Who are we?

We are a small group of people who live or work in the Routes of the Olive Tree garden, who love animals and want to offer the homeless kittens a good life every day, offering and receiving love.

Each one of our cats has its own character, but what they all have in common is that they enjoy the human presence and the company of other cats in the garden. They are not disturbed when they sleep, they have plenty of places to hide and satisfy their need for independence and quiet and of course they have every right to come over to play, purr in our arms, leave and come back whenever they want!

Help us to continue living here!

If you want to help them, you have 3 options. You can…

  1. become a friend of the cats of the Routes of the Olive Tree Garden
  2. remotely/virtually adopt one of the kittens
  3. offer them a specific gift

1. I want to become their friend!

To become their friend, you can send your donation whenever you wish. In return, you will receive regular news from them and, of course, you will be welcome to visit our garden to meet your friends in person!

To make a donation, go to our

2. I want to adopt a kitten!

If you wish to remotely adopt one of the cats from the Routes of the Olive Tree Garden, for yourself or for one of your friends or family who loves them very much, you have 2 options:

A] For a donation of 4 €/month, you will receive a foster certificate with a photo of the cat you adopted and every month you will receive a new one. 

B] With a donation of 10 €/month, you will receive a foster certificate with the photo of the cat you adopted, a “Routes of Olive Tree” postcard collection as a gift and you will have news of her every week.

In both cases, you will be welcome to visit the kitten in our garden!

Visit our , “membership” section.

Don’t forget: by adopting one of the kittens, you are not just helping this specific one, but also all of its friends and housemates. Donation money is used to meet the needs of all the cats in our care!

3. I want to offer a specific gift!

See below for some gift ideas:

  • One package of 15 Kg croquettes (enough for 10 days) : 60 euros 
  • One package of croquettes 5 Kg (enough for 3-4 days): 20 euros 
  • One portion of cat food (pate): 1 euro
  • One eye drops bottle (our cats regularly suffer from contagious conjunctivitis as they all live in the same community): 3 euros
  • Flea medicine (individual): 3 euros
  • A 1st complete vaccination: 40 euros
  • One booster vaccination: 20 euros
  • Cost of neutering (female cats): 80 euros
  • Cost of neutering (male cats): 70 euros
  • One visit to the vet: 20 euros
  • One complete ear care: 40 euros
  • A complete anti-parasite treatment: 35 euros

To make a donation, go to our Ko-Fi:  


Help the kittens to continue living here!
Help us to continue to take care of them!
Let’s ALL work together to ensure that no animal is left homeless!

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