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The Olive Tree

 Συντάκτης: AMAMOU Tarek  Category: Miscellaneous  Publisher: Alif-Les éditions de la Méditerranée, Edisud  Δημοσιεύτηκε: 1995  ISBN: 2857447876  Σελίδες: 47  Χώρα: France  Γλώσσα: Γαλλικά

(Youth litterature) Without plants, there would be no life on earth, yet how much do we know about our precious countryside? Did you know that green olives are olives that have not had time to ripen? Did you know that a black olive is an olive that is full of oil? Did you know that the history of the olive tree, the tree of peace, is intertwined with that of wars and conquests?

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