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Mediterranean agriculture, variety of ancient techniques, Cahiers d’Histoire des Techniques n°5

 Συντάκτης: Marie-Claire Amouretti, Georges Comet  Category: History & archeology  Publisher: Université de Provence  Δημοσιεύτηκε: 2023  ISBN: 2853995216 ; 978-2853995214  Σελίδες: 295  Χώρα: France  Γλώσσα: Γαλλικά

This “Cahier d’histoire des Techniques” presents the most innovative aspects of research of the history of the Mediterranean agriculture. Studies on irrigation and hydraulics clarify regional originalities. The most specific productions (wine, oil, forest, breeding) are being looked into, and finally a whole section is devoted to mills which were for a long time the only industrial instrument of considerable agrarian dimension, while being a place of social link by excellence. The relationships between rural materiality and the formation of society are highlighted through a multidisciplinary approach (history, archaeology, anthropology, planning, etc.) and an attempt is made to identify regional differences within the “Mediterranean” group. This collection is a fine example of history as a study of the relationships between places, objects, processes and people.

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