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Impact of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular diseases

 Συντάκτης: Isabelle FLAJOLLET  Category: Health & medicine  Publisher: Université Paris-Sud 11  Δημοσιεύτηκε: 2024  ISBN: Num. national de thèse : 2005PA114131  Σελίδες: 73  Χώρα: France  Γλώσσα: Γαλλικά

The Mediterranean diet has a protective effect against the formation of atherosclerosis. The Lyon study showed a reduced risk of recurrence after a first myocardial infarction following the adoption of this diet. Observational studies have demonstrated the beneficial role of omega-3 fatty acids in primary and secondary prevention. Other trials have also confirmed the value of these fatty acids in secondary prevention. Finally, this diet increases the longevity of subjects aged over 60. The protective role of olive oil is attributed to its antioxidant polyphenols and to oleic acid, which reduces the activation of vascular endothelial cells. As for omega 3 fatty acids, they have beneficial effects on haemostasis, triglyceride levels, endothelial and cardiac functions.

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