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Complete guide of the olive tree culture

 Συντάκτης: Richard DOUAT  Category: Health & medicine  Publisher: De Vecchi  Δημοσιεύτηκε: 1998  ISBN: 2-7328-1448-2  Σελίδες: 126  Χώρα: France  Γλώσσα: Γαλλικά

The olive tree is a sacred figure in the most ancient civilisations. A symbol of peace, hope, fertility and abundance, it has many rich properties. Today, olive oil is a real craze: in recent years, its consumption has increased by almost 25%, and a bottle of it can be found in almost every kitchen in France. But the olive tree is also used in pharmacy and cosmetics… In this book, Richard Douat offers us a better understanding of the olive tree and its hidden treasures. He presents us with : – the stories and legends surrounding the olive tree; – the cultivation and exploitation of the olive tree: countries of cultivation, planting, pruning, grafting, cultivation methods, harvesting, etc.; – the different varieties of olive oil: composition, appellations, benefits, etc.; – the medicinal properties, gastronomy, beauty care, etc.

With its many illustrations, this comprehensive book will enable you to appreciate all the products made from the olive tree: olive oils, of course, but also olive-pomace oils, table olives, Marseille soap, perfumed oils, etc. For the delights of the plate and the well-being of the body, discover all the benefits of this eternal tree.

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