26 November 2021: World Olive & Olive Oil Day


On the occasion of the World Olive & Olive Oil Day, the Cultural Foundation ‘The Routes of the Olive Tree’, has taken the initiative to carry out awareness-raising actions for the table “KALAMATA OLIVE”, in cooperation and/or with the support of local institutions and Civil Society Organizations.

The response of the local community has been truly impressive. The initiative is under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Messinia, the Municipality of Kalamata, the Chamber of Messinia and many other local institutions and is part of the general effort to promote Kalamata as a gastronomic destination by utilizing the internationally renowned “Kalamata Olive” with its wonderful taste and valuable nutritional value for the human body.

Due to COVID restrictions, the actions will be limited to awareness-raising – informing citizens, with the dissemination of a specially designed poster in the shops of the participants, olive bread from bakers, announcements in the Social Media and on the websites of the participants and screening of films on YOU TUBE from the New Cinema Club of Kalamata on the topic of the olive:
“The Olive Oil of Messinia” by Vassilis Marlantis
“Bread and Olives” by Alexander Jaschik and Jordan Orphanidis