The CLUSTER SERVAGRI Italy-Tunisia project (ENI CBC Program)

The overall goal of the project, in which “Routes of the Olive Tree” participate as an affiliated partner, is the joint development of strategies and pilot actions for the optimization of the agri-food sectors, capable of strengthening and making more competitive vital agricultural production in these two zones. It also aims to increase the quality and safety levels of foods while adhering to the principles of sustainable development.

A specific objective of the Italy-Tunisia Cluster Servagri project is the restructuring of the cross-border olive oil sectors and the strengthening of an economic cluster of fully detectable and quality common virgin / organic / standardized olive oil, in order to meet its production and distribution internationally.
The project aims: to improve knowledge and skills, to strengthen contacts and collaborations, in specific and visible results.

The intermediate results concern: the research and strengthening of the existing specifications for the improvement of the quality standards, the restructuring, strengthening, development of model networks of Small and Medium Enterprises and business organizations based on quality, accessibility and safety of the olive oil sector. Also, the implementation of agreements for the creation of clusters aiming at the commercialization of quality olive oil, pilot cooperation actions between bodies for the harmonization of regulations / legal standards, cluster capitalization and the electronic supply platform.

The beneficiaries of the project are: new households and women entrepreneurs, farmers and operators of the olive oil sector, consumers and the population of the target area of the project, etc.
The know-how acquired through the SERVAGRI project and the experience of its Observatory will strengthen the process of cross-border cooperation and the introduction of innovative procedures and techniques and, in the form of an “umbrella” that will extend to both countries, will ensure satisfactory results in favor of a sustainable olive cultivation.


  • GAL Eloro, Province of Syracuse (Italy)
  • INAT Tunisia Governorate (Tunisia)
  • IO-Sousse Sousse Governorate (Tunisia)
  • AAGR Provinces de Palerme (Italy)
  • APO Provinces de Catane, Syracuse et Raguse (Italy)
  • UTAP Governorate of Tunisia (Tunisia)
  • OBSERVATOIRE SERVAGRI – Observatoire italo-tunisien
  • CIHEAM-IAMM International Center for Mediterranean Agronomic Studies – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (France)
  • Agency for the Mediterranean Scarl (Italy)
  • Minister of Agriculture – General Directorate of Agricultural Production of Tunisia (Tunisia)
  • IRVO Regional Institute of Wine and Olive (Italy)
  • Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” (Greece)

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