Final Conference of the Routes4U project

The final Conference of the Routes4U project was successfully held yesterday, July 7, 2020, in which many speakers participated with presentations and interventions. The work began with interesting welcoming remarks by Mr. Jean Pierre Halkin, Head of the Unit Macro-regions Transnational / Interregional / External Cooperation, Enlargement, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission and Mr. Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes, Council of Europe and presentation of the results of the project by Ms. Constanze Metzger, Routes4U Senior Project Officer, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes, Council of Europe.

Afterwards, the invited speakers spoke about cooperation with the EU strategies for the Macro-regions, the cultural routes of the Council of Europe in the EU Macro-regions and the new cultural routes in the EU Macro Regions.

The “Routes of the Olive Tree” that successfully carried out actions of the project in the  Adriatic-Ionian Region (Croatia, Slovenia, Greece)  were represented by Mrs. Marinella Katsilieri, Head of Planning & Development Dpt. of the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”  who presented the results, explained how were achieved, stating the number of new members / points of interest per country, their type of activity and the next steps to promote them.

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