The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the “Routes of the Olive Tree” at the University of Peloponnese

With success and with a strong public participation, the Conference “Innovative Proposals for Sustainable Development: Cultural Routes and Routes of the Olive Tree” was held yesterday, organized by the University of Peloponnese / Faculty of Kalamata and the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”.

Representatives of the Greek Ministry of Culture Ms Anastasiadou and Mr F. Vlachos (Directorate of International Relations and the EU) presented the Council of Europe’s program of Cultural Routes, the Cultural Route “Routes of the Olive Tree” and the EUSAIR / Routes4U program to the public who filled the University’s amphitheater, as well as other itinerary proposals presented by representatives of local organizations, the City of Kalamata and students in Master. It is important to underline that the Conference inaugurated the beginning of a closer collaboration between the University (Department of History, Archeology and Management of Cultural Properties) and the Olive Tree Route Network.