The “Routes of the Olive Tree ” at the 5th Panhellenic Olive oil& Olive Festival in Kalamata

The 5th Panhellenic Olive & Olive Festival in Kalamata was successfully completed on April 5th and 7th. Exhibition of Products & Equipment, Seminars, Contest and a Conference were some of the activities of this Festival that attracted hundreds of visitors from all over Greece and abroad.

The organizer of the 5th Festival was the Agricultural Cooperative of Kalamata, with whom the Cultural Organization ” Routes of the Olive Tree ” has an excellent cooperation and in this context it has put it under its auspices and has been actively involved in its conduction.

At the conference a section was dedicated exclusively to the cultural route of the Council of Europe “Routes of the Olive Tree” which was presented extensively to the public by Mrs. Zoe Kazazaki, Honorary Director of the Ministry of Culture and Chairman of the Scientific Committee “Routes of the Olive tree” and Mrs. Louisa Karapidaki, associate of the Academy of Athens and member of the Scientific Committee of the organization.