Getting to know the millennial olives of the Senia region (Spain)

During the visit of the representatives of the “Routes of the Olive Trees” in Senia region (Spain), there was organised a route in order to discovery the Senia region’s millennial olive trees, which are a natural and cultural landscape of unique beauty with the highest density of millennial olive trees in the world!

The route was organised by ‘Taula Del Senia’ and the ‘Association Territotio Senia’, honorary members of the Network of the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, whose main activity is the protection and promotion of this important cultural reserve of the region. They have started since 2006, in this context and, in collaboration with various local entities, in order to implement a program that is able to register the chronology of the region’s centuries-old olive trees. Τhey did it with awareness-raising actions of the owners and the local community.

But a picture, a thousand words! We let you discover some of the spectacular results of the ‘Taula del Senia’ program and the exemplary work of the ‘Territotio Senia Association’ through photos of 1001 to 1705 year old olive trees!

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